Making its UK debut here at the Embassy Theatre, ‘The Third Reich’ is the latest work from world renowned, award-winning, Italian theatre director, Romeo Castellucci.

This immersive, sensory experience centres around a video installation, during which all the nouns found in the dictionary are projected, in a sequence, one by one, onto a giant screen. The words appear in tenths of a second, so fast that your consciousness lets go, and it is virtually impossible to focus on the individual word. Language dissolves into white noise and chaos.

Inspired by Victor Klemperer’s book of the same title, ‘The Third Reich’ is a representation of a monumental, controlled communication, the abuse of which is shown in the reduction of language to indifference and unification.

The video installation begins with a symbolic movement piece, in which a performer enacts a ceremonial ‘ignition’ of the language. The installation is accompanied by a repetitive, apodictic soundscape, composed by Scott Gibbons.

PLEASE NOTE: This installation is suitable for audiences aged 13+
This installation features high volume audio, vibrations and flashing images with a strobe effect, making it possibly unsuitable for photosensitive audiences, or people with epilepsy. Audience members are free to enter and exit the Auditorium throughout the installation. Theatre staff are available if you require assistance or more information.

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