From this slumber we will wake…

The building has been empty, the dust has gathered here and there.
The lights have been switched off, the heating set to fair.
Now our venue has re-opened, welcoming back the young and old.
We’ve missed you all so much, but many tickets must now be sold.
Join us for our festive tale, full of enchanting sights.
Can dear Sleeping Beauty, be woken after so many nights…

Magna Vitae Productions proudly present their 2021 pantomime here at the Embassy Theatre, Skegness. Can Sleeping Beauty be saved by the handsome Prince or will her fate be sealed by the evil Fairy?

There’s only one way to find out. Don’t sleep on it – book your tickets now…

There will be a relaxed performance on Tuesday 21st December at 2:00pm.
During this performance we aim to minimise loud noises, bright/flashing lights and create an informal atmosphere to allow people who may need to move around, make noise or just take a break.
This performance will also be signed. Tickets for this performance are £17.00

Tickets : Adults £18.00 | Under 14’s £12.00


  Thu 16 Dec       1:30pm Book Now
  Fri 17 Dec       7:00pm Book Now
17 Dec@7pm Gala Night: £17.00
  Sat 18 Dec       2:00pm Book Now
  Sat 18 Dec       7:00pm Book Now
  Sun 19 Dec       2:00pm Book Now
  Tue 21 Dec       2:00pm Book Now
21 Dec@2pm Relaxed Performance: £17.00
  Tue 21 Dec       7:00pm Book Now
  Wed 22 Dec       2:00pm Book Now
  Wed 22 Dec       7:00pm Book Now
  Thu 23 Dec       2:00pm Book Now
  Thu 23 Dec       7:00pm Book Now
  Fri 24 Dec       11:00am Book Now
  Fri 24 Dec       3:00pm Book Now
  Sun 26 Dec       2:00pm Book Now
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