Things to do in the local area...

Skegness and the surrounding area is bursting with places to visit and exciting things to do. Why not spend some time visiting some other attractions after your visit to our inOrbit exhibition.

The local area is full of exciting attractions and even in these tough times, so much of it can be enjoyed for free – just like our inOrbit artworks.

Our partners at Destination Lincolnshire have spent hours examining what you can do in the area on a budget and also, if find yourself with a little spare cash. There is plenty to see and do in the area and there is certainly one guarantee – you’ll not be bored!

Half term fun in Skegness...

If you’re looking to entertain the family this half-term, why not make a day of it with an off-season action-packed day out to entertain the kids? The sun might not be out, but there is still plenty to do, see and explore…

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Discover the town's historic icons...

There is more to Skegness than the current hustle and bustle the seaside resort would lead you to believe. There is history all around you, if you stop and take a moment to explore. If you’re in Skegness this winter to see Luke Jerram’s amazing art installations here at the Embassy Theatre, then leave enough time to indulge in the town’s history and heritage…

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More to do in Skegness...

If you’re heading to Skegness this winter to see our highly anticipated in Orbit exhibition featuring art installations Museum of the Moon, Gaia or Mars by internationally renowned artist Luke Jerram, and are looking to make a day trip of it, then look no further, this is your guide to the famous seaside resort out of season…

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Winter walks in Skegness...

During the summer months, Skegness is a vibrant holiday destination, filled with all the sights, sounds and smells of a traditional seaside town. Visit during the winter and you can enjoy a completely different experience!

Although many people see winter as a bleak season, it can also be one of the most beautiful. Take a wander along the coast on a crisp frosty morning, and you will be rewarded with the most amazing views of deserted beaches, bright blue skies and stunning sunrises.

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Winter wildlife in the area...

From Gibraltar Point, Donna Nook and Natureland - there's so much wildlife to spot this winter...

Throughout the summer, Skegness attracts thousands of tourists, who flock to the seaside to make the most of the sunshine. As the cold weather sets in and the visitors depart, the Lincolnshire coast becomes home to an abundance of wildlife.

If you’re heading to the coast to see the in Orbit exhibition by Luke Jerram this winter season, ensure you give yourself enough time for a brisk winter walk and look out for some of the visiting wildlife who make Skegness their winter abode. From seals to seagulls, you never know who you might spot…

Gibraltar Point...

Situated around 3 miles from Skegness, Gibraltar Point is a national nature reserve. Established as an area of international importance, the reserve covers over 1000 acres, extending down the coast for around 3 miles.

With sand and shingle beaches, saltmarshes, lagoons and sand dunes, Gibraltar Point forms an essential habitat for a variety of wildlife throughout the year.

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Donna Nook...

Around an hour from Skegness, Donna Nook is a 6 mile strip of coastline, running from Saltfleet to Somercotes.

Made up of sand dunes, slacks and inter-tidal areas, the area is a national nature reserve, managed by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

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Natureland Seal Sanctuary...

If it really is too cold for a walk, Natureland Seal Sanctuary in Skegness is perfect for some indoor wildlife watching. The main purpose of this family-run sanctuary is to rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned seal pups from across the Lincolnshire Coast.

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Skegness on a budget...

Skegness is a popular holiday destination with award-winning beaches and an exciting line-up of things to do all throughout the year, and the winter months are no different! Escape the busy crowds and experience Lincolnshire’s glorious coastline when the beaches are a little quieter and the freedom is there to enjoy the tranquil ocean air at your own pace.

Just because you’re visiting a seaside resort doesn’t mean everything has to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of budget-friendly and free things to do during the winter months.

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inOrbit, Skegness

The Embassy Theatre is “over the moon” to have secured a unique artwork installation from the renowned artist Luke Jerram this coming spring!

Gaia, Museum of the Moon and Mars will be exhibited at the East Coast venue from 10th February to 24th March 2023.

This unique season in Skegness will see all three pieces visiting one venue consecutively for the very first time in the UK. Their six-week stay will see the venue transformed from a traditional theatre into a space for reflection, observation and education. Gaia (Earth) will open the season followed by the Museum of the Moon with the Lincolnshire and East Coast debut of Mars concluding the season.

You can book your free viewings for each artwork online now.
Gaia | from 10th February 2023.
Museum of the Moon | from 24th February 2023.
Mars | from 10th March 2023.

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