Join us for some unique events in Orbit...

From Yoga to Gong Baths, art workshops to science talks and so much more. This season will deliver something for everyone...

Whilst we are delighted to be welcoming Gaia, Museum of the Moon and Mars into our venue this spring, we are also, by kind permission of Luke Jerram, holding a host of other events whilst we are in Orbit of these wonderful artworks.

There are so many different classes and events – there will be something for everyone whilst we are in Orbit.

We have three Yoga sessions on sale with one taking place in Orbit of each artwork as well as gong sessions, which will also be available whilst each installation is in our venue. Please keep returning as more events will be added in the coming weeks. We have talks from the BBC’s Gordon Buchanan, Mark Thompson and free sessions with the Average Scientist too!

If you are interested in holding an event or function in Orbit, please get in touch or register your interest at the bottom of this page.

Greenman Gongs in Orbit...

Gong Bath stress-busting and relaxation journeys.

Gong Bath/Sound Journey/Sound Emerson, whatever name you want to give it – one of the most powerful and easiest ways to fully relax, de-stress, realign the system and much more too… all that’s needed is to lay down!

Pupil of Grand Gong Masters Don Conroux, Aidan McIntyre, Robert Horwell and Tim Byford, practicing in and around Lincolnshire as Greenman Gongs.

Jason provides regular sound healing sessions and retreats that help de-stress, shift old traumas and bring life into balance.

So how does it work and what are the benefits?

Gong meditation is a unique type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing.

Sound therapy has long been used to manage a broad range of health conditions. The treatments are based on the understanding that all forms of matter – including our body’s cells vibrate at different frequencies. Factors such as stress, depression and disease cause cells and organs within our bodies to vibrate at non-optimal frequencies.

How is gong meditation practiced?

Most people who participate in gong baths are lying down on meditation mats. Add a pillow and a blanket and all you’ll need to do is rest in a comfortable position, relax and close your eyes. Your instructor will guide you through the session. Initially, the gong is played very softly as the meditation session progresses, the volume is gradually increased. Since the purpose of the meditation gong sound is healing, the volume is never upped to uncomfortable levels.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and eye mask (if you have these).

If you do not have a yoga mat we will have a small number available. Please note this at point of booking please.

Thursday 23rd February | 6 – 8pm in Orbit of Gaia

Thursday 9th March | 6 – 8pm in Orbit of Museum of the Moon (full moon event)

Thursday 23rd March | 6 – 8pm in Orbit of Mars

£18 per workshop.
Book all three for £49.50.


Immersive Yoga in Orbit...

Immersive Yoga Workshops led by Nickyy Thomas.

Sharing yoga is my absolute joy and passion and I’ve been blessed to have travelled and taught around the world for the past 16 years including across Australia, UK and South East Asia. I teach a Vinyasa style of yoga – poses flow from one to the next on the breath. There is a special emphasis on calming the mind and opening the heart through the exploration of breath awareness and mindfulness practices. My sacred purpose is to hold space for the healing and personal growth of all those I have the pleasure of meeting on the mat. Together we can create magic.

Earth – together we will explore the beauty and wonder of planet Earth through standing poses and balances that connect us to our feet and backbends that open the spiritual heart. We will cultivate grounding affirmations for the mind, find stability and support in the body, and come together as a community to offer love and gratitude to the planet’s ecology, pay homage to its fragility and celebrate its abundance. Come away feeling grounded and with a wide open heart!

Moon – on the journey of La Luna we explore the element of water through a flowing hips practice that connects us deeply with the flow of the breath. The moon is connected to intuition, emotions and feeling and the practice will be a time for pausing and reflecting and connecting to your inner truth. Come away feeling at peace, calm and deeply connected to your own self.

Mars – we honour the red planet through a deep dive into the inner fire and the masculine principle of power and strength. Explore these concepts in your own body with core and twist poses and deepen your connection to your own inner strength and natural radiance through potent affirmations and powerful breath work. Be ready to shine a little brighter when you leave.

If you do not have a yoga mat we will have a small number available. Please note this at point of booking please.

Sunday 12th February | 1 to 3pm in Orbit of Gaia

Sunday 26th February | 1 to 3pm in Orbit of Museum of the Moon

Sunday 12th March | 1 to 3pm in Orbit of Mars

£18 per workshop.
Book all three for £49.50.


Exclusive talks from industry specialists...

We are delighted to be welcoming Gordon Buchanan, Mark Thompson and the artist behind in Orbit to our venue throughout the season. Learn more about the talks below and book your seats now.

Gordon Buchanan...

30 years in the wild in Orbit of Gaia.

One of the most prominent wildlife presenters and film-makers working today, Gordon Buchanan’s journey is a remarkable story to tell. Having produced some of the most popular wildlife programmes on the BBC, we have been able to see his incredible passion for the animal kingdom and the unique ability he has for presenting such hidden animal worlds to an audience.

For the first time, Gordon will be taking a look back at his incredible 30 years working both behind and in front of the camera. This will be a rare opportunity to discover what has continued to drive his career and the landmark stories that take pride of his work.

Always reflective, Gordon Buchanan is taking this opportunity to understand how his time within the wildlife industry has changed and what the future potentially holds for us and the animal kingdom as co-inhabitants of our rapidly changing ecological landscape.

Seats from £25.00 with under 14’s half price.


Mark Thompson's Spectacular Science...

Mark Thompson’s award winning Spectacular Science Show in Orbit of Museum of the Moon.

You think science is boring? Think again!

This is science like you have never seen it before! Designed for children and adults alike, Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science explores the strange and magical properties of matter with exploding elephant’s toothpaste, vortex-generating dustbins and even howling jelly babies!

Awarded Best Kids Show at Edinburgh Fringe by The Derek Awards, this interactive show promises to entertain and educate in the most spectacular way!

Saturday 25th February 2023 | 2pm
Seats £15 each | Family of four £50


Luke Jerram...

Luke Jerram in Orbit of Mars.

To launch the Lincolnshire debut of his most recent large scale public artwork, artist Luke Jerram will be holding an artist talk in Orbit of Mars at the Embassy Theatre on Friday 10th March 2023.

Luke Jerram’s multidisciplinary practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live arts projects. Living in the UK but working internationally since 1997, Jerram has created a number of extraordinary art projects which have excited and inspired people around the globe. Jerram has a set of different narratives that make up his practice which are developing in parallel with one another.

Seats from just £5 each.


The Average Scientist's TAS talks...

As a contributing partner to the inOrbit season The Average Scientist will be holding a series of free to join discussions/presentations inOrbit of the three presented artworks by Luke Jerram.

Ian Hall is an Astrophysics student and local science communicator studying through both Liverpool John Moores University and Caltech and founder of the blog The Average Scientist.

Ian writes and presents on all manner of science subjects such as Astrophysics, Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics and Theoretical Physics. His TAS talks are bite-sized explainers aimed at those with casual interest in the subjects and are suitable for adults and children.

TAS Talk, Astrophysics 101 – Planet Earth | inOrbit of Gaia.

How old is our planet? Where did it come from? What were the forces and physics at work to create it and why is spherical? What does the future hold for our planet and how are we able to protect it? Held on the following dates/times:

Thursday 16th February – 12.30pm | 2.30pm | 4.30pm (school holidays).
Thursday 23rd February – 2.30pm | 4.30pm.

Admission to attend these sessions is incorporated FREE within hourly viewing tickets at the same time – Book using links above.

TAS Talk, Lunar Astrophysics & Future Exploration | inOrbit of Museum of the Moon.

How and when was the Moon formed? How does it affect us here on Earth? What is our relationship with the Moon and how was this changed by the NASA Apollo missions of the 1960’s? What will our future relationship with the Moon be like with the commencement of the NASA Artemis missions? Held on the following dates/times:

Thursday 2nd March – 2.30pm | 4.30pm.
Thursday 9th March – 2.30pm | 4.30pm.

Admission to attend these sessions is incorporated FREE within hourly viewing tickets at the same time – Book using links above.

TAS Talk, What if there is life on Mars? | inOrbit of Mars.

How and why are we looking for life on Mars? What are the implications of finding life, or evidence of past life on Mars? What technology is used to search and how will this change when astronauts land on the red planet? How do we go about searching for signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe and what is the SETI project? Held on the following dates/times:

Thursday 16th March – 2.30pm | 4.30pm.
Thursday 23rd March – 2.30pm | 4.30pm.

Admission to attend these sessions is incorporated FREE within hourly viewing tickets at the same time – Book using links above.


A Splash of Gold art workshops...

Steve Gould is an award winning artist. Pro SAA artist Steve, who has been involved in various aspects of social care including assisting those living with dementia, helping individuals who are physically challenged following a stroke and is a trained community leader and has worked with people living with mental health issues.

Steve works prolifically in the local area utilising his art and skills to develop confidence in others. This is particularly necessary following the impact that Covid had on the mental health and well being of so many.

Throughout the in Orbit season Steve will be facilitating for FREE, art workshops for you all to enjoy.

Half term art and craft workshops.
All ages welcome.
Children must be accompanied at all times.

inOrbit of Gaia by Luke Jerram:

Tuesday 14th February
10.30am – 1.30pm

Wednesday 15th February
10.30am – 1.30pm

Thursday 16th February
10.30am – 1.30pm

Spaces are limited on a first come first serve basis incorporated FREE within hourly viewing tickets at the same time but does not guarantee a slot – Book using links above.

You will need to download an app (Procreate) prior to this session.

Digital-art iPad workshops – 16 years+ unless with an accompanying adult.

Steve will help you turn a photo you take of our natural surroundings into a piece of digital artwork using inspiration from the artworks we have as a part of the inOrbit season and your own phone or iPad.

Please note you will need to bring your up-to-date digital device and purchase the Procreate App. for download ( one time cost for your onward use approx £8.50)

inOrbit of Gaia by Luke Jerram:
Saturday 18th February at 10am

inOrbit of Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram:
Saturday 25th February at 10am

inOrbit of Mars by Luke Jerram:
Saturday 18th March at 10am

Capacity is very limited for these workshops and allocated on a first come first served basis. Attendance is incorporated FREE within the 10am viewing ticket but does not guarantee a slot – Book using links above.

Art therapy! Lifeline! Lifting you out of a depression.


Scratchy Beard quartet...

Live & Local Upstairs at the Embassy.

An evening of songs and storytelling inspired by the swing and melodies of gypsy jazz, adorned by the storytelling spirit of Anglo-Celtic folk and spiced with a gentle nod to rootsy blues. Experienced performers, Scratchy Beard are an up-beat and enjoyable live quartet.

Spesh | vocals, guitar.
Sara | cello.
Greg | drums.
Laura | clarinet, organ, melodica & tin whistle.

What happens if you take the intoxicating swing and feel of gypsy jazz, add storytelling songs inspired by English and Celtic folk and throw in a pinch of bluesy roots and rhythm? Gypsy-jazzy-rootsy-folk, of course!

Experienced performers, Scratchy Beard are an up-beat and enjoyable live quartet offering something a little different – very accessible roots/alt-folk/gypsy jazz music with an ear-catching line up of guitar, cello, drums & clarinet with, at times, three-part and four-part harmonies along with a reed organ, tin whistles, melodica & bottle-top slide guitar.

Scratchy Beard perform at venues and festivals all over the country, they sing a song or two in French and enjoy the occasional appearance of a blues melodica and tin whistles. They often reveal the engaging stories behind the songs they perform, which assists in creating a good connection with audiences.

Scratchy Beard have previously performed at the RSC. Describing themselves as “a cocktail of died-in-the-wool touring musos, classically trained instrumentalists and a celebrated illustrator.” Founder member Spesh Maloney has scored and sound-designed for several feature films, film-shorts and theatre shows including the award-winning BBC documentary “Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster.”

Prepare yourself for an entertaining evening journeying through an upbeat, fun and sincere collage of trans-European roots music.

“Last time they packed the place out so maybe it’s best to get here early! An upbeat, sincere and delectable collage of trans-European roots music.”
Stratford Alehouse

Thursday 16th March at 7:30pm
Tickets are just £12.00 each


Wind-up to the weekend with #4EBT2...

Wind up to the weekend or wind down from a busy week… it’s your choice!

Meet friends and take in an evening viewing of Earth, Moon and Mars while chilling out to the Café sounds of #4EBT2.

Admission to attend these sessions is incorporated FREE within hourly viewing tickets at the same time – book using links below.

Friday 17th February from 4 to 8pm | inOrbit of Gaia.

Friday 3rd March from 4 to 8pm | inOrbit of Museum of the Moon.

Friday 17th March from 4 – 8pm | inOrbit of Mars.

#4EBT2 were formed during lock-down in 2020 when recent friends, Dean Barnshaw and Tim Hitchcock decided to film their DJ mixes live for social media from the Flamingo Lounge which was otherwise known as Dean’s dining room!

Since then, they have gone on to establish their own PA system in the local area and are renowned for playing incredibly long sets of up to 10 to 12 hours back to back!

With both being of a certain age, Tim and Dean share similar tastes in music from indie through to early house, trance, techno and anything electronic in between. This eclectic melting pot of genres has culminated into a melodic and dreamy Balearic soundscape of progressive and organic house music, that creates the perfectly chilled backdrop, where you can forget about your worries and have a relaxed drink, whilst at the same time, nodding your head and tapping your feet to the tunes that fill the air.

Sample some of their sounds here!

To the Moon and Back with a mini puppetry adventure...

Join award winning Barmpot Theatre for a mini, magical puppetry adventure about a little barn owl with big dreams. Suitable for all the family.

Admission to attend these sessions is incorporated FREE within hourly viewing tickets at the same time – book below.

Saturday 4th March | in Orbit of Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram.
Hourly from 10.30 to 3.30pm.

Barmpot Theatre was founded in 2014 by Artistic Director Jane Crawshaw. They are based in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds and creates unique, imaginative theatre for everyone aged one to one hundred. Combining our trademark style of physical performance, puppetry and original music, we specialise in taking top quality theatre to rural communities, and telling untold Lincolnshire stories to a wider audience across the UK and beyond.


We Are Skegness (1961)...

We are pleased to offer you a wonderful slice of sixties nostalgia on Wednesday afternoons throughout the inOrbit season.

A family are seen receiving a Littlewoods pools cheque. They plan to go on holiday to their usual resort of Skegness but this time they’re able to “do it in style”.

This free 27 minute film will be showing on Wednesdays 15th February, 1st March and 15th March | 2:30pm and 3:00pm.

An archive screening courtesy of MACE.

Please select the corresponding date from those available via our website. Viewings of each artwork and access to the screening are free.


Register your interest...

We welcome support in the form of sponsorship to make each element of our local programme accessible to all. If you would like to know more about the opportunities that are available, please do get in touch.

The venue has opportunities for corporate clients, schools, local practitioners, wellbeing services, community groups and inspirational speakers to be part of the surrounding programme of engaging activities “in Orbit” of the main feature artworks. Expressions of interest to use the creative space and join the growing programme can be made to:

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