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The power of the written word never fails to inspire. The art of reading for our own pleasure – something we’ve all embraced more throughout the national lockdowns.

This year on World Book Day, the Embassy Theatre is delighted to be working with Lincolnshire Authors – a group of talented local authors who have all had their own books published and are flying the flag for Lincolnshire creatives.

On Thursday 4th March, across our Facebook page and YouTube channel, we’ll be broadcasting work from these local authors as a part of special day of themed World Book Day content. The day will commence at 9:30am with an introduction from the Embassy Theatre’s team before we broadcast content throughout the day with readings from so many talented local authors. There will also be excerpts from novels, children’s stories and much more.

Stay in touch with our social media channels as we bring you a full itinerary of the authors and content prior to the day. This content will also be sent into a huge network of local schools so we can encourage the next generation of writers. Schools always work hard to make World Book Day a hugely important part of their calendar and we’re pleased to be in a position to make a contribution.

World Book Day with Lincolnshire Authors and the Embassy Theatre – Thursday 4th March 2021 from 9:30am 

Introducing your Lincolnshire Authors – 

Jemma Robinson – The Stars That Guide You Home – Excerpt read by Johnny Peyton-Hill | Young Adult Fiction approx 23mins.

“We never let our pasts define us. I never told him of mine, as I never wanted to. And yet now, I wished that I had. Because I knew he could have kept me safe. And maybe this would have never happened.”

Jemma is a young adult/new adult fiction author based in North Lincolnshire. Her debut historical romance novel The Stars That Guide You Home will be released in 2021 with Partnership Publishing UK.


The Stars That Guide You Home eBook: Robinson, Jemma: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store



Lesley Berrington – Hattie and Friends – read by Lesley herself | for EFYS/KS1 children approx 16 mins.

Former owner of Stepping Stones Day Care Limited Lesley opened her first Nursery in 1997 and went on to open 2 more Nurseries and 2 Kids’ Clubs within 4 years in Lincoln.

After attending a course about the Disability Discrimination Act in 2004 Lesley began searching for story books, featuring disability, to use in her Nurseries. It was very difficult to find any and the ones that she did find used the story to explain the disability. This is not what Lesley wanted in her books. She wanted the child with a disability to be part of the story to introduce the disability to other children, but not to draw attention to it. Lesley created ‘Hattie and friends’ to meet the growing demand for inclusive resources.

‘Hattie and friends’ inclusive stories and resources are now used in hundreds of EYFS settings around the UK.

If your students have questions or comments for Lesley, she would be more than happy to answer them; lesely@hattieandfriends.co.uk

Home – Hattie & Friends (hattieandfriends.com)

Savvas Savva – Cheating Cheeta and Wise Weasel – read by Sav Sav himself | poetry for children approx 5 mins

Mo-ral-lee Island books are a series of children stories that, as the title hints at, has a moral or a lesson to consider. It helps the reader, young or not so young, to realise that we have choices.

Cheating Cheetah & Wise Weasel Mo-ral-lee Island Presents: Amazon.co.uk: Sav, Sav, Eede, Warwick: Books



Sue Daniels – The Cubby Hole – read by Deborah Balm | Adult Crime Fiction approx 4 mins

Sue J. Daniels was born in North West London in 1964, into a strong mix of London’s East End and Staffordshire heritage. For twenty-five years she has worked as a post-trauma specialist and has authored numerous non-fiction books on the subject.

Since the age of six, Sue has harboured a deep love of writing fiction, the first book in her Trilogy of Novellas “The Salvaging of Sonny Chapman” won finalist status in both the Best Book Awards 2019 and the International Book Awards 2019.

Both “The Restoration of Sonny Chapman” and “The Journals of Sonny Chapman” also won Finalist status in The Best Book Awards 2020.

Writing in both fiction and non-fiction genre, Sue has quietly created an array of beautifully illustrated self-help pocket/bag size books for those affected by many of life’s difficulties. She has also written essential guidebooks for practitioners. All of which are available from Amazon and all major high street bookshops.

Her latest Novella is called The Cubby Hole, the first of her crime thriller series featuring DCI Rochelle (Rocco) Raven. It has already sold hundreds of copies and is available in paperback, e-book and audio book via audible. Here is a short recording of a trailer, the prologue and chapter 28.

She writes bravely and with honesty in her heart. Living near to the coast in Lincolnshire, Sue enjoys the peace and calm that it offers.

Available from Amazon and Waterstones Book Stores



Janet Stock – The Rue Stone – read by Janet herself | Medieval Fiction approx 9 mins

The rue is a mysterious and rare being who is rarely seen, so Janna is amazed when one arrives at the inn where she works, looking for a room. The next morning, her life changed forever, she is left wondering whether she will ever see him again. Only time and the rue stone have the answer.

Janet has self-published four books: The Rue Stone. Janet’s real passion is very much medieval fiction. She is currently in the midst of working on her first novel entitled; The Little Servant – The Wait’s Son. This is the first book in her new trilogy.




Sue York – Gaia’s Breath – read by Sue herself | Adult Fiction approx 7mins

Susan York lives on the East Coast of England with her husband and cat, Pippin, who has trained his owners well.

Three of her short stories have been published. The Little Lighter Girl appeared in Night Light (2018); Taking Flight was in Hellfire Crossroads 7 – Introducing (2019); Gaia’s Breath can be found in Strange Days (2020).

Each anthology was edited by Trevor Denyer, published by Midnight Street Press and is available on Amazon.




Charlotte Reynolds – Socks and Mittens Go Exploring | for younger Children approx 6 mins

Join Socks and Mittens as they go on adventures!
Charlotte is a secondary school teacher and business owner in Boston, Lincolnshire where she lives with her husband and three mischievous cats; Socks, Mittens and Slippers. She has always wanted to write books for children, but until now, didn’t know what to write about. Charlotte was inspired to write the Socks and Mittens series after seeing her own cats playing and exploring in the garden and fields surrounding her house and wondering what they were getting up to when she wasn’t looking.
Written by Charlotte Reynolds: secondary teacher, business owner & proud cat mum!

Socks and Mittens go Exploring: Amazon.co.uk: Charlotte Reynolds: 9781838751494: Books



Carissa Poole – It’s Just Not Okay | a guided reading safeguarding self help book for EYFS/KS1/2 Children approx 8 mins

“Have you ever heard a child say: “I’m bored?” I was that child! I liked reading but I loved drawing more. So my dad encouraged me to design and recover my reading books to give me something to do. I have always had a creative imagination. This book came from one of those ideas. We teach children to avoid dangers in life and yet we do not speak enough about an ever increasing danger – Child Abuse.

I wanted to break this secretive subject by allowing a safe way for everyone to talk and understand what is acceptable and what is just not ok!”




Joy Pitts – Hare Under Moon Hill – read by Joy herself | Children’s fiction KS2 approx 8 mins

Joy Pitt is a professional storyteller and puppeteer in the oral tradition. When she isn’t busy storytelling in schools, festivals and libraries, Joy spends her time painting and writing. Home is a small, dusty cottage on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds where she lives with her husband, who is a woodcutter, and a bad-tempered cat called Annabelle. Joy has three children who have gone out into the world to seek their fortune.

The Company of The Silver Hare is the first book in this series available now with Hare Under Moon Hill on pre-order for release in April.


Hawkwood Books | The Company of The Silver Hare


Gavin Boden – read by Ben Keaton | Children’s fiction approx 7 mins

Clever at school but unwilling to apply himself, Ryan has fallen in with the `wrong crowd’. After a particularly bad day at school, Ryan’s world gets turned upside down and he stumbles upon Time Travel, unknowingly causing chaos. It’s a race against time as Ryan and new friend, Tim try to put their world right before it’s too late!

From North Lincolnshire Gavin published his first book in 2019 about two teenagers who discover they can actually travel through time in their dreams.




Adam Richardson – Orbs and the attack of the Hair Spiders – read by Adam himself | teen / young adult fiction approx 18 mins

This new release marks Adams debut into the world of fantasy and magic. Every once in a while, comes an author whose talent for storytelling brings you a book that’s so enticing, it’s hard to put down. This tale has everything a reader demands, including an intriguing plot, strong and believable characters, humour and a little something you didn’t expect. Devling into his own roots to bring to life Lincolnshire, in particular the dialect, which he feels is sadly being lost.

He says, “I am a proud “Yellowbelly” and I know that our county is hugely underrated. I’d love for the books to showcase the beauty and wonder that you can find here. The language is really old and fascinating, and I want to bring it back for everyone to read.”


Orbs and the Attack of the Hair Spiders begins in Brickabrack, a town terrified by strange disappearances and grisly murders. Could its salvation come from a chance encounter between the ancient forest gnome, Orbs and the banished Warlock, Blackmouth?

Taking you on a journey that is not simply about magic and imagination, Richardson delves into the importance of family and friendship.

He is a keen illustrator as well as a writer. The books are also aimed at helping less fortunate children. Adam is a strong ambassador for UNICEF and proceeds from the book will be donated.

I lived in Kenya for a few years and I saw children having to forfeit their education to provide water for their families. I don’t feel that any child should go without the opportunity to learn or to be given the kind of escape that only books can bring. I like to see my books as helping children, one page at a time.

Adam was born in Nottingham and grew up in Lincolnshire in England where he still lives now with his wife and two young children.


Dee Horne – Shania and the Boy of Gold  – read by Dee herself | adult fiction approx 13 mins

Knights of Temple Bruer is about a group of fascinating characters, who are descended from the original land owners and knights of Temple Bruer, here in Lincolnshire; a fictional story set in our world, changed by Covid. Characters previously interfered with significant historical events and for centuries, were left unchallenged.

My first book includes adventures from the Royal French Court in the 1300’s, murder onboard The Mayflower in the 1600’s, sailing the Pilgrims from Boston, Lincolnshire, to a new life in America, as well as a mystical journey through time, here in Lincoln.  The second book, Shania and the Boy of Gold, visits the characters as they continue their extraordinary lives and this story has a Royal Air Force connection, which includes trips back to the 1940’s at Scampton, Lincolnshire.

I live in Lincoln and completed my first book during the first lockdown of 2020.  I enjoy visiting interesting and historical places, and questioning myself, what if?  I love creating characters, with difficult pasts, who overcome their challenges and the expectations of others, to become successful, and likeable people. 


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