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Dear friends,

The Embassy Theatre has been the beating heart of live entertainment in Lincolnshire for almost a century. Never before has this iconic venue fallen so still and silent for so long – but throughout the quietest most uncertain time in our history, you – our audience have shown you just “can’t stop the beat” through a full calendar year of cancellations and date changes.

You have clearly demonstrated your appetite and commitment to return to live theatre as soon as it is safe and viable to do so. To everyone who has donated to our survival, kept their ticket and continues to share in our plight – thank you for showing us how much entertainment at the Embassy Theatre means to you.

The demand for and scale of returning events in 2021 and beyond requires talented, skilled and impactful staff to deliver. We can finally feel the life blood beginning to return as a result of the Government grant funding received. This will enable protection of key theatrical positions in order to see the venue have the ability to “get back on its feet” when a return to live theatre is possible.

Event cinema and live streaming of events is a proven gateway to developing audiences of the future and now shows itself as a clear pathway to enable the return of live entertainment and expand our digital offer for the future.

The funding received from DCMS combined with that of local benefactors, new partnerships and The East Lincolnshire Arts Forum can now see progression of this future sustaining model explored as one example of arts-rich diversification for the venue. This is just one of the exciting opportunities ahead – promising a bright future with community at the heart of what improved arts integration can deliver us.

Arts Council England and the DCMS have shown they are #HereForCulture, Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure and Culture is here for us and the Embassy Theatre, Skegness is here for you!

Thank you for your continued support.

Pollyanne Trapmore-Shaw,
Embassy Theatre Manager

To thrive again, first we must survive.

#EmbassyExperience #thisiswhatwedo

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