Oct 9, 2019 Venue News

Christmas starts here | tips for taking your child to the Ballet!

“The Nutcracker” is probably the most-loved of all the fairy tale ballets. The music was composed by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky and its first performance was in 1892. It’s a timeless ballet classic that has become a festive holiday tradition for families around the world. 

Click here to see a short video of the Russian National Ballet performing …The Nutcracker.

Here at The Embassy Theatre we recognise that Ballet can delight and unite people through its borderless; unspoken grace. Old and young can sit side by side enjoying with equal measure the music and movement surrounding them understanding as much or as little as their imagination allows.

We ALSO recognise that bringing your little ones to the Theatre can be as daunting as it is magical an experience (for you!) here are 5 Tips you might want to try when bringing your child to the ballet:


Prepare them for the lack of dialogue –

Let them know before hand that its all about the music and dancing. Play the soundtrack beforehand so they know what to expect without narration.



Read the story in advance –

Ballet is an incredible art form that tells a story–this is something you can emphasize to your child before taking them.





Encourage them to focus on one dancer –

While we can sit and absorb what was going on, it can be difficult to focus on twenty-plus dancers gracing the stage. So try, “Who is your favorite dancer on the stage right now?” then ask them to follow that dancer with their eyes.



Expect to leave early –

While everyone wants to see how it ends your little one might only make it to the interval especially considering it overlaps bedtime, still a great experience though and they will go to bed imagining how the story might end…






Talk about your trip  – 

Next day, run the story again – play the soundtrack and see how your child processes their memory of the spectacle they were treated to the night before.




These are just one parent’s well-meaning tips and by no means a one-size fits all or exhaustive list – but we hope you find them helpful.

If you have any questions before your visit give our friendly team a call on 01754 474100 they will be happy to help.

Images supplied courtesy of the Russian National Ballet with their production of the eternal seasonal favourite; The Nutcracker – appearing on The Embassy stage Friday 1st November 7.30pm – Christmas starts here.

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