Mar 11, 2017 Latest News

The Embassy Theatre Academy along with Julie Stevens Dance School students were in choir rehearsals today as one of the 2 teams to perform in Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat when it visits our Theatre this April – the second team being supplied by The Janice Sutton Dance School.

To help with rehearsals West End performer/choreographer Cameron Hall assisted by adding the vocal parts -(to be performed by Joe McElderry when he appears as Joseph).  All in good fun!

Cameron then delivered a workshop to a number of the Senior Theatre Academy Students which featured excerpts from the (live show only) finale of Mamma Mia to “Waterloo” in which he has recently been performing.

The Students had to work extremely hard to keep up with Camerons dance steps and they were all inspired to learn more about his choice of a professional career.

We already look forward to Camerons return in July to deliver another focus workshop assisting with elements of Stagecraft within a Musical production  – to complement the Students weekly learning.

Thank you Cameron; see you again soon

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